New Builds

We specialise in wiring up new houses! 

If you’re erecting a new dwelling we advise you get professional advise on electrical installation requirements, we are also capable of helping prepare wiring diagrams should you need one.

New Sockets

New Plugs

Often times you don’t need a big job done, but you do need that new plug in the wall where you want to position that new lamp stand!  We are more then willing to help.

Old Fuses


If your switch board looks like this you may struggle to get insurance. NZ is full of old houses with old wiring that is past its use-by date. If your house was wired in the late 1960’s or earlier? Need a new Switchboard? or require electrical work being carried out before or after building renovations? We can help! Please see our Inspections sections if you are purchasing an older house and require electrical advise.



Need help with a lighting solution? Lighting is an important part of modern living, and when the lighting is wrong it can have detrimental effects on not just our ability to achieve something, but also our eye health.

We have experts who can help create a proper lighting solution for your home or office!

Restored Light

Lighting Restoration

It is possible to restore Antique lights and we have the experience! Please call us for an inspection and options for your lighting restoration work.


Solar/Off the Grid

With years of experience, we specialise in alternative power installation.

Please read more in our Solar section of the website, or talk to us about your dreams/aspirations and let us help you make it a reality!


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