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Solar Panels


Firstly, quality of parts.. We have years of experience and know which panel manufacturers are going to give our customers the quality they deserve.

Secondly, knowing the environment.  Solar works better depending on how it is installed.. Location and orientation are key factors to getting a great result.

SMA Inverters


Natural generation provides us with Direct Current (DC) electricity, however the electronic devices we use in New Zealand require Alternating Current (AC).

An Inverter takes the Direct Current and converts it to Alternating Current for us so it is in a usable form. However, again quality is key.  We prefer to use SMA made Inverters (but are not limited to), as we can offer you the right device for each application: for all module types, for grid-connection and feeding into stand-alone grids, for small house systems.

Solar Batteries


Did you know it is optional to use batteries or not?.. Batteries are the key component for leading an “off the grid” life style but they do come at a cost. Batteries store the electricity acquired ( solar or wind turbine ) and drain as they are used by your lights, TV, and other electrical devices. With batteries you get your electricity even when device feed is low ( night time for solar, or no wind for turbine )

Wind Turbine


Otago, such a great place to have wind generation and compliment the use of solar to help keep those batteries charged! 

Use the power generator to generate a DC current to connect to an inverter for 230V appliances.

Please be aware that resource consent may be required to install a turbine.


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